Plus their swimwear is always so charming. Few Australian diplomats, however, have written about their postings to Burma. Basically the CSAAR series included a memoir by Alf Parsons, who was there in 1950s, and another by Richard Gate, ambassador in Rangoon from 1980 Edwin Ride published a memoir which uched on his experiences there in mid 1960s and Richard Broinowski’s autobiography described Burma in earlier 1970s. All these works describe Burma in the course of the liberal democratic era, have deposited their papers in the NLA. In various different ways it was a critical formative period for one and the other GI government and opposition movement, as they tried to achieve their exclusive goals.

Consequently, in one sense, it was a relatively quiet time. By focusing on ‘200003’, Wilson covers a period in modern development Myanmar that has not been examined in depth before. Australia has a strong tradition of diplomatic memoirs. Australia public Library holds the special papers of others and has recorded memories of a lot more as part of its oral history project. Loads of former ambassadors and identical officials have recorded their experiences and impressions of transnational events.