Beauty, for some celebs, comes from the surgeon’s knife, clever photography and a vast team of wardrobe assistants and makeup artists, but true beauty is found by making the most of the natural features that you were born with. Here are ten great tips on how to emphasize and enhance your natural looks, so you can let the real you shine through:

1. Quit smoking and cut down on the alcohol

Did you know that a single puff on a cigarette can release over 4,000 toxins into your body? Alcohol is not a lot better for your appearance either, because it dehydrates you and makes your eyes puffy. Quit smoking and moderate the drinking and you will quickly see a marked improvement in your skin.

2. Exfoliate

Your skin is constantly changing. Skin cells die and new ones grow in their place but, if you don’t remove the dead ones, then they will be hiding the fresh skin underneath. Exfoliate your skin regularly and it will leave you with fresh, clean and radiant looking skin.

3. Drink water and eat lots of organic, fresh, raw fruit and veggies

You know the advice, but do you really follow it? If you don’t, you will be amazed at the difference that a healthy diet, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water every day, will do for your complexion your eyes and your hair.

4. Get more exercise

Here’s another one that you should know by now: exercise not only keeps you healthy, it keeps you looking younger for longer too, and it improves your natural looks. Working out increases the blood flow to your skin and so will give it a natural, heathy looking glow. It also releases the happy hormones into your body and a happy person is a beautiful person!

5. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep will also have a hugely negative impact on how you look, so make sure that you have a good night’s sleep, every night. If you are having trouble sleeping then cut down on caffeinated drinks and take a nice hot bath with some aromatherapy oils in, before you go to bed.

6. Have more fun in the bedroom

A session between the sheets with your loved one is one of the greatest natural beauty treatments in the world! Studies have proven that it increases the blood flow around the body, which flushes out toxins and brings more nutrients and oxygen to your skin.

7. Keep the makeup light

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not hide it, so start by choosing a foundation that is just one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Also, avoid overdoing the lip makeup too. Choose shades that are near to the natural colour of your lips, and avoid using the deep, dark colours.

8. Use blusher sparingly and blend

Blusher should bring a natural glow to your skin, so use it sparingly and, as with all makeup, make sure that it is well blended. There should be no stark lines between different areas of your face, because of your makeup.

9. Don’t forget your brows

Keep your brows well trimmed and in good condition. When plucking though, don’t make the brows too thin, because that looks just as unnatural as thickly painted, jet black eyebrows do.

10. Believe in your own beauty and smile more

A lot of people have such a negative view of themselves that they end up hiding their own natural beauty, so have faith in your own beauty and you will look beautiful! Smile, and let the world see who you really are.